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Understanding the psychology behind the way people use systems (especially through interfaces) attracts me to digital product design.

But it’s not the delightful products that inspire me—

watching people experience unusable processes and systems engages me to imagine how they can be better.

Origin story

Early hobbies led me to design

For as long as I can remember, I'm intrigued by the ways that people use the systems that have been designed for them.

From doodling condo floorplans and poring over how maps and wayfinding describe our world,

to observing how people use self-checkout stands and car infotainment systems,

I enjoyed reimagining the systems of our world.

At my yeung age, I didn't perceive the nuances of the ways we interface with our world through design. However, these earliest hobbies were compelling precursors to my product design path.

These inclinations have

  • evolved into the design thinking I wield today,

  • offered me a view of the world through the lens of design, and

  • grown into my product design abilities.

And these ways of thinking are still hobbies of mine. Recently, I imagined a university course numbering scheme and a special-purpose LA Metro Rail map.

Outside of product design

I'm stimulated by novelty...

Some of my favorites:

  • discovering scenic views

  • being impressed by technology

  • learning new best practices + software

  • trying new dishes and cuisines

  • inventing personalized bubble tea recipes

  • curating fresh music and mixtapes

...to create

Other aesthetic practices I enjoy:

  • graphic design

  • information design (especially cartography)

  • architecture

  • interior design

  • editorial design

  • photography

Scenic views are treasured places where I reflect

Sunset with vivid, saturated colors

Saturated sunsets,

View of Seattle skyline

skylines of cities,

Ariel view of Los Angeles

suburban lights,

Picture of Morro Rock

and Morro Rock
are some favorites.


Portrait of Tate

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