Designing a 60 page program for a three day convention

Picture of program cover


Design a physical program that is easy to use and read while enabling theme immersion with art and graphic treatments.



Circle K International (CKI) is a collegiate student-led organization that does community service.

Fall Training Conference is an annual three-day event hosted by the Cal-Nev-Ha District of CKI for members to learn more about CKI, meet other members from around the District, and develop as members and leaders of the organization.


Olivia Chang, project manager
Nhi Troung, art director + illustrator
+ 14 others on the event committee, who contributed content and helped proof.

My role

My contributions were as the editorial designer of the program, focusing on layout, typography, and infographics.


Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator


60 page, grayscale program


May – November 2019

Design considerations

Insight gathered from previous designers and previous conference attendees.

Infographics, particularly the schedule, campsite map, workshop schedule, and team activity locations, were designed to be as concise as possible.

The workshop schedule, the most used spread of the program, was the centerfold.

Constraint: the inside pages were printed in grayscale.

Focus on typography was a vital aspect of the theming and for readability on text-heavy spreads.

featured spreads


Final spread

Conference schedule

Team spread

Committee page layout

Workshop matrix

Polished schedule

Raw data

Raw data of schedule

Descriptions spread

Text spread example


New map

Official map

Old map

I redesigned the official map to increase readability, hide irrelevant buildings and features, and highlight notable buildings.

Also, the official map was far below print resolution standards.


This is the largest-scale layout I’ve ever tackled.

Having a clean workflow and staying organized with assets was crucial for making the process seamless.

InDesign is super powerful and I love it.

Group picture of my teammates

Working with an incredibly passionate, fun, and talented group of individuals makes all the difference.

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